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Ethical innovation

The UK-US Blog Series on Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning: Introduction

This post is the first in a series on privacy-preserving federated learning. The series is a collaboration between CDEI and the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Advances in machine learning and AI, fuelled by large-scale data availability …

Working with the ICO to encourage the adoption of PETs

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Last year, the CDEI launched a responsible data access programme to address the challenges organisations face to access data they need in a responsible way. A key component of this programme is our work to encourage adoption of Privacy-Enhancing Technologies …

Driving responsible innovation in self-driving vehicles

Self-driving vehicles have the potential to radically transform the UK’s roads. But to enable their benefits and achieve the government’s ambition to ‘make the UK the best place in the world to deploy connected and automated vehicles’, developers and manufacturers …

Types of assurance in AI and the role of standards

This is the third in a series of three blogs on AI assurance, which explore the key concepts and practical challenges for developing an AI assurance ecosystem. The first blog focused on current confusion around AI assurance tools and the …

The need for effective AI assurance

Data-driven technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), have the potential to bring about significant benefits for our economy and society. However, they also introduce risks that need to be managed.  As these technologies are more widely adopted, there is an …

September release: COVID-19 repository

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Almost all (13 of 16) of this month’s entries were related to healthcare, with the majority of those specifically looking at use-cases in hospitals. Given that the UK faces an ongoing public health crisis and is entering a second-wave of coronavirus infections, it is not surprising that these use-cases are the most prevalent at this time. 

August release: COVID-19 repository 

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The number of brand new use-cases that we are seeing each month has seen a downturn since we began compiling the COVID-19 repository, although we are continuing to find further examples of the existing entries that we have been tracking, indicating that existing use-cases are being adopted more widely.