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James Scott

How the ‘Introduction to AI assurance’ guide is supporting government’s innovative approach to AI regulation

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DSIT’s Responsible Technology Adoption (RTA) Unit is pleased to publish its Introduction to AI assurance. This guidance is an accessible introduction that aims to support organisations to better understand how AI assurance techniques can be used to ensure the safe …

From principles to practice: Launching the Portfolio of AI Assurance techniques

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Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of DSIT’s Portfolio of AI Assurance Techniques. The portfolio features a range of case studies illustrating various AI assurance techniques being used in the real-world to support the development of trustworthy AI. …

Enabling responsible access to demographic data for algorithmic bias detection

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This week, we announced the launch of a new programme of work around enabling responsible access to data. One of the initial workstreams in this programme is exploring the potential for novel approaches to data stewardship to support organisations to …