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How AI assurance can support trustworthy AI in recruitment

A pair of hands is shown in the foreground and a laptop on a desk in the background.

Today, DSIT’s Responsible Technology Adoption Unit (RTA) is pleased to publish our guidance on Responsible AI in recruitment. This guidance aims to help organisations responsibly procure and deploy AI systems for use in recruitment processes. The guidance identifies key considerations …

Protecting Model Updates in Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning

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In our second post we described attacks on models and the concepts of input privacy and output privacy. ln our previous post, we described horizontal and vertical partitioning of data in privacy-preserving federated learning (PPFL) systems. In this post, we …

Algorithmic Transparency Recording Standard: Getting ready for adoption at scale

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Today, the Responsible Tech Adoption Unit (RTA) in DSIT and the CDDO (Central Digital and Data Office) are launching updated products to better support public sector organisations in using the Algorithmic Transparency Recording Standard (ATRS). This includes a new …